Setting up your account on a Mac is accomplished by adding the account to the "Internet Accounts" pane of System Preferences.

To start, open the System Preferences application by selecting the System Preferences... option from the Apple () menu.

Click on the Internet Accounts icon, located in the third row of preferences choices.

Click the '+' button in the lower left corner to add a new account (if you have no other accounts, this panel will appear by default).

From the list of account types, choose Google.

Enter your name, your email address (, and your account password.

It may take a moment for the system to verify your account.

You can individually activate and deactivate the syncing of different Google Apps Services by checking or unchecking the boxes next to the corresponding service.

You can access your services through the corresponding Apple app: Mail for Email.  Calendar for Calendars. Contacts for Contacts. Etc.

If you a prompted for incoming/outgoing server information, use the following information:

    - Incoming Server:

    - Outgoing Server:

Remember, your username is always your full email address.