What is it?


Instagram is a free social networking platform based on sharing photos taken on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. The Instagram app runs on your Apple or Android mobile device and instantly uploads and shares photos you take from within the app directly, without having to save them to your computer first. Once the photos are on Instagram, you can tag them and share them with other Instagram users as well as post them to a number of other social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter. There are also many apps, like Nudge, that you can connect to your Instagram account to use your images outside of the platform.

It is important to note that Instagram is a Social Network all it's own. The images you share are viewable and searchable by other Instagram viewers from within the app on their device. Just like twitter, you can use hashtags to label and identify the topic of your posts. Other Instagram users can Like, Comment on, or share images that you post. If they choose, they can also follow your postings similar to how one can follow a user on Twitter. The Instagram community is smaller than those found on larger social networks which gives it the advantage of being easier to be noticed on if you're posting quality content, and it's focus on photo sharing makes it the perfect social platform for those that enjoy visual communication.

 Sign Up
Now that you know a little bit about Instagram, this is how you can sign up and start using the service right away.

Step One: You need the right device.
Instagram is a mobile based platform and is only available on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, as well as Android based smartphones and Tablets. Unfortunately, it is not currently available for other platforms.

To create a new account, you will need to download the Instagram app for your device. You can not sign up from the web or desktop computer. You can follow the links below, or search for "instagram" on the App Store or Google Play market on your device:

Available on the App Store
 Coming soon to Android 

Step Two: Start the app and Register 
Once you start the app you'll see the option to Sign-in or Register.  Tap Register.

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Fill out the requested information, choosing a username and password.

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If you'd like, you can link your Instagram to your Facebook account and sign in with your Facebook credentials.
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Step Three: Find Friends 
If you know other people using Instagram, you can look them up via Facebook or your contacts on your phone and follow their posts on Instagram.

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The app will also make some suggestions on some accounts to follow based on what is popular at the time.  I recommend following the Instagram HQ posts along with NBC News as great accounts to follow if you're not sure what else to follow just yet. Tap the follow button next to an account name to follow that person.

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Step Four: Explore 
You've successfully signed up for Instagram.  Have a look around and, when you're ready, share your first photo.

The Home tab will show you the latest posts by the people that you are following.

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The Explore tab allows you to search and see what posts are currently popular. 


The Camera tab is where you to take and share your photos.

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The News tab give you info about the people and posts you follow.

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The Profile tab lets you edit the information others can see about you. 

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Next Steps 

Contact helpdesk or submit a trouble ticket if you have any questions, or need assistance.
If you need help posting an Image: Taking and sharing photos on Instagram
The help site for Instagram is a great resource for finding the answers to many of your questions: help.instagram.com

If you'd like to link your Instagram account to Nudge, please see the Solution Article:
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